Leave the makeup to the Professioanls

May 18, 2012

As a bride, you will be glowing because you are in love…but having your make-up done by a professional don’t hurt either!
Before your wedding day it is important to determine the look that you want AND to have a makeup rehearsal.
You don’t need strong colors to look sophisticated, but you do need the right colors. A professional makeup artist will be able to select the colors that will enhance your natural beauty and features.
Many professional makeup artists recommend false eyelashes to accentuate the eyes – this will make your wedding photographs even better.
When determining your wedding day makeup there are several factors to take into consideration. Do you want a dramatically trendy look or something timelessly romantic? Is your wedding during the day or at night? What season is it? Will you have a tan? What is the color of your wedding dress?
Also take into consideration if you are wearing your hair up or down and whether you will wear an hair ornament or a headpiece.
The color of your hair, your skin tone and the color of your eyes is what makes you unique! A skilled, professional makeup artist will make you look your best!

The Natural Look

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