Finding the Perfect Wedding Vendors

May 18, 2012

The wedding industry is unique. You will be working with and hiring dozens of businesses/vendors in advance for one particular date. We celebrate a birthday every year but you only have one wedding – so there are no do-overs. You want everything done right and done right the first time!
Hire a wedding vendor that can provide you great customer service and works well with others!
What you see on the surface is only part of the equation. It is important to view the websites, review the menus, look at the playlists and see samples of their work – but you need to go deeper to make sure you are getting the best!
When speaking with your potential vendors ask them for references – talk to the brides that they have worked with in the past! Check their reviews and confirm that the work they have done has been quality work and that they made their clients happy.
Ask vendors about other vendors. The wedding community in the greater Jacksonville area is a close community and most professional wedding vendors know the other professional wedding vendors and will be able to give you information about your potential vendors.
Ask if your vendor carry the state required licenses required for their industry and insurance!
Always inquire about their experience and use the web to verify it!
Choosing good, quality vendors will help your day run smoothly and will give you wonderful memories of your wedding day that you will always cherish!

Research Your Vendors!

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