Bridal Dress Neck Lines

May 18, 2012

Looking for the perfect wedding dress in Jacksonville, Florida? When trying to find the perfect wedding dress you need to decide on what elements you would like to have with your dress. One important element in selecting your wedding dress is the neckline. Here are some helpful pictures and definitions of possible necklines;
Beteau – Curves downward slightly below the collarbone to the edge of the sholder
Halter – collar wraps around the neck, typically with a low-cut back
Illusion Yoke – Transparent fabric, lace or netting fitted at the neckline, extending to the bust line
Jewel – Like a t-shirt a high, rounded neckline usually falling above the collar bone
Off-The-Shoulder – frames the face, neck and shoulders by falling just below the shoulders and across the bust line
Portrait – an off-the-shoulder style folds around the shoulders like a fitted and structured shawl
Queen Anne – a heart-shaped neckline in the front combined with a collar-like back
Sabrina – Similar to a beateau, begins two inches in from each shoulder and curves gently downward below the collarbone
Scoop – low and rounded with a “U” shape
Spaghetti Straps – Thin Straps that can be straight across or shaped
Square/Court – low, like the scoop, but with a squared shape
Strapless – No straps – can be straight across or shaped
Sweetheart – dips a hear shape at the bust line
V-Neck – Dips to a “V” in the center
Wedding Band – Has a band that circles the neck

Can’t decide which neckline will look the best on you? Visit one of our bridal salons and the professionals that work there will help you pick the neckline that gives you the greatest compliments!

Neck Lines for Wedding Dresses

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