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May 19, 2012

Every bride that is planning a wedding knows that the internet is a great resource…after all you are reading this blog. Then you are also probably aware that there there is a new player in the online wedding planning arsenal, called Pintrest. This new site is quickly becoming popular with wedding planning and daily life – but lets take a deeper look about the site.

On, you can grab photos from around the web and ‘pin’ them onto ‘boards.’ You can create as many different boards as you like and share them with your friends and strangers. Browse the internet and post the photos online, under your user name, into categories of your choosing. You can also browse other Pinterest user boards and “repin” other peoples photos onto your own board.

Many Pinners are dreaming and creating boards dedicated to their wedding. The photos are often accompanied with comments, and can include tips or instructions on how to create the look that was captured in the picture. Like wedding forums, you can interact with friends or strangers to get suggestions and ideas for your special day. You can upload unique pictures to your own boards or use the pictures that are already loaded on the site for everyone to view.

Pinterest certainly displays boards for all the biggies like the gown, décor and food. But Pinterest’s real strength is in highlighting the details. It is a great site to find inspriation and unique ideas for your special day like; personalized napkins, the perfect photography poses or an idea for ‘something blue.’

Like many online wedding hotspots, Pinterest runs the risk of overwhelming.

One thing we don’t love about Pintrest is the ability not to “Hide” specific boards. Not every bride wants to share all the ideas you are planning on doing for your wedding. Since most of your Pintrest followers are your friends – you don’t want your wedding day not to be a surprise for your guests.

How do you use Pintrest to benefit you?

In the search box in the top left hand corner of the page, use as many details as possible, such as ‘fall DIY wedding décor,’ or ‘cream wedding pumps.’ If you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for, it helps to at least separate your searches into different categories, such as ‘wedding décor’ or ‘bridesmaids,’ rather than just a generic ‘wedding’ search.

Are you planning a theme wedding? Pintrest is a great place to see real photos from themed weddings, which can be more difficult to find on other websites.

That being said, Pinterest is also a great way to explore outside your comfort zone. It is a fun way to search, get ideas and spend a rainy Saturday! Whimsical, woodsy, DIY, rustic, vintage, elegant, chic, romantic and couture are all popular words on Pinterest’s wedding pins. Even if you think those adjectives wouldn’t apply to your big day, type them in and browse. You never know what you might be able to find or what you might see!

Pinterest is still in a new growth phase, so you’ll need an invitation to join if you haven’t already. You can request an invite right at, with the red button along the top of the home page, but you might be put on a wait list. A quicker way to get on board is to reach out to friends that are already members, and ask them to send you a personalized invitation.

Here is your little lesson…now go and check it out!

What Pintrest Looks Like

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